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If you're a business that operates in the Lac Ste. Anne region, Shop the County was made for you. Here are the ways you can make the most of this free local directory.

Shop the County is designed to help registered businesses in the Lac Ste. Anne region succeed by putting them on the map for all to see, and by giving them the knowledge and resources to help them grow even stronger. To get listed in the directory, and to access the learning library resources, you need a valid business licence. You already have an account with Shop the County. If so, welcome aboard! Either way, this article covers some of the basics of setting up your business profile - including what to do if you get stuck, and where to go if you want to take advantage of some of the site's advanced features.

Getting Started

Before adding your business, search for it on Shop the County to see if it's already listed (some local businesses have been pre-loaded into the directory). If you DO see your business, click the top right hamburger menu (the three little lines), click Login to your account, then select I've lost my password. Enter the email address that's associated to your business and you'll receive a link to reset your password. Now you can access your business listing and add or edit any of the associated images, hours of operation and other business details.

Adding a brand new business that's not already on Shop the County? Just visit, click the top right hamburger menu (the three little lines), and select Register your business. Add your name, business email address and password and click Register. You will then receive an email invitation to login to your Shop the County profile and create your business profile.

Shop the County has been designed for ease of use. But if you ever get into the weeds, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where you'll get basic on-boarding help free of charge.

Business Profile Basics

Whenever you login to Shop the County, you'll see your Business Profile page. You can edit this page to make your profile as accurate and relevant to your customers as possible. Upload a new picture. Change your business hours. Announce a special incentive. It's your business, so adding details to this page should come pretty naturally to you. 

The best part about your Shop the County business profile? The moment you make changes to your listing, your customers can see them too!

Customizing Your Business Profile

If you created your Shop the County listing from scratch, all of these fields will be empty. If your business is registered with one of the partner regions of Shop the County (currently Lac Ste. Anne County, the Town of Onoway and Alberta Beach), there's a chance your basic profile has already been created using your public-facing business information (like Facebook or your business website). Either way, add or edit content to your listing as you see fit.

Enter your business name, find your business category, and complete as much of your business profile as you see fit. Once you click the SAVE button, any new details will be posted live to your Shop the County business profile. It's that easy!

Location, Location, Location

As soon as you add your business address to your profile, your business will be added to the map. Please note: many businesses registered with the Town of Onoway or Lac Ste. Anne County only have a post office box. If yours is one of these businesses, your map pin will be located at the post office of the town associated to your postal code. If the physical location is important to your business, make sure you enter a complete and valid street address.

Image is Everything

Shop the County lets you upload custom images to your business profile. If you don't upload an image, your business profile will display an icon that corresponds to your business category. While a profile image isn’t an absolute must, it’s a great way to show your character and set your business apart from competitors.

You don't have to worry about the exact dimensions of your image; the uploader will let you crop your photo to the exact size (just like Facebook and Twitter allow you to do). Just make sure you choose a good-quality image that best represents your business.

One last bit of advice: if your image is too small, it won't look great online. If your image is too big, the system won't allow you to upload it. Opt for eye-catching images that won't tip the scale on file size.

Help is Always Close at Hand

Shop the County has been designed for ease of use. But if you ever get into the weeds, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where you'll get basic on-boarding help free of charge.

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A Roadmap for Regional Business Growth

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