Come to Life Campaign Launches

Regional marketing campaign seeks to inspire safe summer travel, pique business interest, and help support the local economy.

Partners in Progress, on behalf of Lac Ste. Anne County, the Town of Onoway and the Village of Alberta Beach, is pleased to announce the launch of a destination marketing campaign that distils the essence of the Lac Ste. Anne region into one succinct statement: ‘Come to Life.’

A hybrid tourism and business attraction campaign, Come to Life showcases the unique live/work/play opportunities that can be found in the Lac Ste. Anne region – as told by some of the business owners and community leaders themselves.

The campaign features two capstone videos entitled “Wonder and Unwind,” inviting viewers to make their moments come to life in a unique and accessible rural destination just west of Edmonton. Longer-length community spotlight videos featuring local business owners and community leaders can be explored here on the website.

Filmed across Lac Ste. Anne during the winter, summer and fall of 2020, these candid and captivating stories are intended to resonate with multiple audiences including visitors and tourists; potential permanent and semi-permanent residents; and outside business interests.

“The Come to Life campaign reflects our collective efforts to provide crucial economic support to Lac Se. Anne during an extended period of challenge and uncertainty,” stated Nick Gelych, Partners in Progress Steering Committee Chair and Deputy Reeve of Lac Ste. Anne County. “In addition to our lakes and valleys and rolling prairies, there are few places left in Alberta as character-rich and opportunity-laden as Lac Ste. Anne. These stories deserve to be told, and we couldn’t be prouder to share them with our fellow Albertans and the world at large.”

The Come to Life campaign launched Friday, May 21, 2021, and is scheduled to run throughout the summer months. The campaign spots are being distributed via digital advertising and social media to markets outside of Lac Ste. Anne County including Edmonton and surrounding communities.

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